Can 3d tv be watched without glasses

We all went to see Avatar, didn’t we? Everyone I know must have seen that movie at least once. Wasn’t the 3-D impressive? Be honest, who else was swatting the flies away with one hand whilst tucking into their popcorn with the other? I know I was. 

For some people, Avatar was the first 3-D film they went to see (mine was ‘The Final Destination’ for anybody interested) and now, not too much time has elapsed before we’re bringing digital 3-D TV into our homes. Here’s my point; as a person who has worked as a professional filmmaker, there is a certain magic to cinema. By which, I mean, THE cinema. The physical place, some of my happiest memories as a child are of being taken to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster. 

Taking a film home to watch is a great idea, but then it becomes just a movie, it’s not an event. The cinema is a modern day theatre of marvels where amazing feats are performed by beautiful people. Pure escapism. 3-D helps that immensely. But at home? I’m wondering if we really need that in our own homes. 

Its not that it isn’t cool, far from it, in fact. Its just that, on a personal level, I equate the cinema with ‘Star Wars’ or ‘The Matrix’ the big effects and epic stories, when I watch movies at home, I settle down with ‘Evil Dead II’, Charlie Chaplin or maybe ‘Seven Samurai’ do those films need to be in 3-D? 

To make you feel a part of the fictional environment, all a film needs is a good script (I’m available by the way. Any takers? – That almost never works) Decent acting and a great director. Besides, who wants to be sitting at home wearing dork-glasses, or trying to make a cup of tea and spilling it everywhere when you forget to take the damn things off? Not me. I don’t really want to sit around and watch all my TV on a huge screen with surround sound and a picture that’s big enough to eat me. So, I think we should save the 3-D “Its coming right at me!” for the next blockbuster epic and leave the glasses there, too.