Does the Blackberry Z10 run android apps?

Blackberry might just be the most popular phone manufacturer about today. They’ve already revolutionised the cell phone commerce, but will it stop there? You’re damn skippy it won’t! Introducing the z10 (applause). Blackberry recently announced the blackberry Z10 to a ready and waiting world. And we can’t wait! So, what is so great about the blackberry Z10? So, I’ll tell you.


Along with being small, smart and really very cool looking; the z10 is equipped with a Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait (which I’m told is a great thing) and 2GB of RAM, which means that storing and accessing data on your blackberry Z10 could not be simpler. With more features than you are able to shake an iPhone at, the Z10 could become the must-have gadget of 2013.


With a blackberry Z10 by your side, day by day tasks become simple. The blackberry playbook with its fast processing power, huge memory capacity and a touch-screen exterior shape (not to mention interactive video capability and an HDMI slot as standard) looks awesome. Yes, the blackberry playbook might be the best mobile phone for you, whoever you happen to be or what you do having one of these is crucial.


The blackberry Z10 is set to entirely change the way in which we connect to and use a mobile phone. The blackberry Z10 is portable, user-friendly and has a massive amount of processing power for such a small thing. If you like the Blackberry phone, you’ll love the blackberry Z10!


The blackberry z10 is shaping up to be the last word in phone design! The blackberry Z10 seems to be able to do almost anything short of creating the tea (and I’m sure there’s a blackberry Z10 app inside the works for that, too).


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