I have Noticed That Lots of People are Catching up with TV on Tablet pc’s, is this Real?

Well, it certainly appears to be the case. It does seem that Tablet PCs at the moment are our preferred way of viewing TV programs (excluding actually watching them on TV, obviously). A recent study provided information which suggests that, after Television, obviously, nearly all of us are watching our TV programs on Tablet PCs.


Is this for real? Personally, I’d presume that it begins life as a novelty, somewhat to impress your mates. Because the first thing all of us do with a new purchase is show it off.


After that? Well, let’s just say that the Tablet PC, probably, has better resolution than your Television, which I would definitely put down as a factor. The fact that one could watch Television from anywhere, including a commute to and from work, the library, or a extremely tedious cinema trip (I wish I’d had one when my mate made me endure the pile of poo which is ‘Prince of Persia’) is also a contributing reason.


The only true disadvantage to watching TV on your Tablet PC is that the overwhelming majority of them do not support Flash Player and have absolutely no way of downloading it, this makes your Pc tablet unsuited with any quantity of Flash powered digital channels, most notably the BBC iPlayer. Now, I was meaning to write about this as a wholly British trouble, because I am a British person and the shortage of Flash on numerous Tablets bothers lots of other British people, however, BBC programs are enjoyed worldwide and the greater I examine it, the greater I see iPlayer used in countries as far afield as the USA, Eastern Europe and India. Lack of Flash support is the single biggest difficulty facing Television viewers with Tablet pc’s.


Now, I have not forgotten that although the 7″ display is wonderfully transportable, it does harper your viewing enjoyment if you’re not alone. It is portable and very useful, but nothing the Television has to stress about just yet.


This study proves, greater than anything, just what we have taken to the Pc tablet and just how rapidly. It seems that the world and his partner has 1 these days. Many people scoffed when machines like the iPad first arrived (indeed, I remember a unique ‘College Humour’ skit that I’m sure the guys are regretting now), but, from the evidence we’ve seen so far, it seems like the Pc tablet is here to stay. All they need to do is sustain the good work.


I’d like to see studies pertaining to social media, app usage, gaming and music as well. The results could well be surprising.