Just how much would a ticket to Jurassic Park go for if it had been made?


Apart from being the motion picture with arguably the best logo of all time, Steven Spielberg’s jurassic park was an instant cinema classic.


Building on the excellent hardback by Michael Chrichton (optioned by Universal before it had been even in print), the film eschewed the novel’s philosophical content in much a similar way ‘Jaws’ had reduced Peter Benchley’s novel to its bare constituents.


Movie-wise, jurassic park was an unremitting joy ride that married revolutionary special effects (Stan Winston’s life size dinosaurs working seamlessly alongside ILM’s incredible CGI) to awesome action scenes. If you’re old enough, jurassic park was a slice of Spielbergian brilliance every bit as magical as ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ or ‘E.T’.


If you were old enough if you own a playstation 3, you’ll be able to re-live jurassic park later this year, as games developers Telltale (who also make games based on ‘Back To The Future’ and CSI) have worked their fingers bloody to generate a very epic take on the original film. Even cooler is that this new jurassic park game directly weaves into the 1st movie. Tying up some of these ‘loose ends’ the producers may have missed. jurassic park may even feature new dinosaurs not yet seen within the series.


For those of you disappointed by the damp squid which was jurassic park III, this new game should renew your interest within the franchise. For all those of you new to the series, you have an awesome ride in store.