Lego Of Your Troubles


Quiz: Who would have thought that lego, the plastic bricks that HURT LIKE HELL when you tread on them late at night would someday become video game darlings?

Answer: The blokes who made the lego video games, I am sure, but that is about it. 


Nowadays, lego games tie-into most major movies. ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Star Wars’ have had lego games embodied them for interactive play. We’ve as well had lego games take on ‘Batman’, ‘Harry Potter’ as well as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.  Somehow the lego video games designers manage to generate sensible facsimiles of iconic characters whilst at the same time making it seem like you might just pop out their hair and make them someone else entirely. What’s the diversity connecting Indiana Jones and Jack Sparrow? The hat, evidently.


In addition to films, the red block citizens aren’t the only thing in lego video games. The lego games series ‘Bionicle’ can also be a huge seller. ‘Bionicle’ takes the victorious toy line and creates a fully-rendered lego video games series from it, all the while remaining true to the idea of Lego itself.


Lego, be it physical or virtual, has always stimulated. I recall playing lego games as a kid, I would get a brand new set, rip it to bits and create whatever I felt like (while my Mum always made a home. Every time.) Today’s youngsters are lucky enough to possess the physical lego games to experience, but additionally an enormous library of lego games for every console imaginable.


lego games are smart, lego games are very child-friendly, as you can imagine. Like the multicoloured blocks itself, lego games encourage knowledge and promote thoughts. In addition to this, lego games are very well designed and routinely acquire excellent reviews from critics and followers alike.