What’s the difference between a nickel metal hydride battery as well as a li-ion battery?

That is an excellent question.


In purely scientific terms, Kristen Hall-Geisler of ‘How Stuff Works.com’ puts it this way:


“The most obvious difference between Li-ion and NiMH batteries is the material used to store power. Lithium-ion batteries are made of carbon and highly reactive lithium, which can store a lot of energy. Nickel metal hydride batteries use hydrogen to store energy, with nickel and another metal (such as titanium) keeping a lid on the hydrogen ions”. Continue reading

Camera of the Gods! Digital Olympus Takes Off!

When it comes to digital cameras, we’re now entering the realm of the Gods. If Zeus had been going off on quick jolly around Europe, he would certainly take the digital olympus with him as his digital camera of choice.


So why are we so excited about the digital olympus? What does the digital olympus have that other cameras in its price range lack?


Well, for starters, a three-inch screen with superb resolution allows you to watch, in tremendous clarity of detail, every picture you take (more on this later). There are numerous photographic modes available within the digital olympus, ensuring that you get the top picture likely, every single time. Pictures taken in shadow or bright light are automatically adjusted and along with all this; your digital olympus even offers a built-in function to stop the camera shaking whilst in extreme zoom mode. It can even take high-definition moving imagery. Continue reading

Lego Of Your Troubles


Quiz: Who would have thought that lego, the plastic bricks that HURT LIKE HELL when you tread on them late at night would someday become video game darlings?

Answer: The blokes who made the lego video games, I am sure, but that is about it. 


Nowadays, lego games tie-into most major movies. ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Star Wars’ have had lego games embodied them for interactive play. We’ve as well had lego games take on ‘Batman’, ‘Harry Potter’ as well as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.  Somehow the lego video games designers manage to generate sensible facsimiles of iconic characters whilst at the same time making it seem like you might just pop out their hair and make them someone else entirely. What’s the diversity connecting Indiana Jones and Jack Sparrow? The hat, evidently. Continue reading

Motorola Solutions’ RhoMobile Suite to Support Johnson Controls’ North American Service Mobility Strategy


Mobile solutions, as it is named now have released the RhoConnect Platform that connects everything to one another, it seems to be the way forward for most corporations these days with all devices connecting to each other, but not to other brands. If this kind of technology comes to two way radios, then it will be a great turning point for our industry.


SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – Feb. 26, 2013 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced that Johnson Controls, a global leader in delivering solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings, is using Motorola’s award-winning RhoMobile Suite to create a highly flexible, mobile work environment and make cross-platform application development easier. 

The RhoMobile Suite is the only true HTML 5 cross-platform development framework on the market that brings together a consumer-style application experience with an enterprise-grade feature set. You get the freedom to choose the device that will best serve each job or even bring your own, since one application version runs on many operating systems (OS) and types of devices. By leveraging RhoConnect and RhoElements, part of the RhoMobile Suite, Johnson Controls enables its field service workers to use its mobile applications anywhere, anytime.

As new OS versions become relevant for their various applications, Johnson Controls will be able to quickly add support for a new OS or device without having to change the underlying business logic. 

Johnson Controls has one of the largest technical service organizations in North America. Its workforce is trained and equipped to deliver increased energy efficiency, lower operating costs and provide improved operations in buildings. The new mobility enhancements will improve the customer experience by streamlining the flow of information delivered to technicians, such as service history and asset information. The portable, connected devices provide technicians with an advantage by giving them access to a growing list of applications, such as technical documentation and Global Positioning System (GPS) route optimization apps. 

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What is the top wireless earphones for pc and ps3?

“Good music” said conductor Thomas Beecham in 1950 “is that which penetrates the ear with facility and quits the memory with difficulty.” Its the part about the ear that today’s audiophiles will most eagerly gravitate to. We are taking Mr. Beecham out of context to some extent, but the fact remains that we need to properly listen to music in order to actually love it.

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Wii Wii Wii All the Way Home: Nintendo’s Masterstroke

The rebranding of Nintendo as a clean, no-nonsense, family and young professional-friendly games manufacturer is completed with the enormous success of Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U has taken not just the world of games, but also home entertainment, by storm.


Nintendo Wii U has tapped into a fun-filled family market with a product unlike any other in the world. The Nintendo Wii U is smart (taking a leaf out of Apple’s design book) funky and (above-all) fun. The Nintendo Wii U is also great for exercise (unlike any other console) and more fun than other consoles to play with friends. Nintendo Wii U is also perfect for having guests over, or even just giving the kids something to do for a while when they just won’t calm down. Continue reading

Greatest 7″ Pc tablet Review

Editors Note – If you’ve ever used a 10″ pc tablet you’ll agree that when you are out and about every now and then it may be a bit cumbersome, but your 5 inch screen on your Smart phone is definitely too petite to study webpage’s or papers, consequently several smart little engineers designed the 7″ tablet, read documents over on the flawlessly sized display, and it’s small enough to slot in your bag/pocket. However the best thing is that these are virtually half the price of most 10″ tablet pc’s. Continue reading

How does noise reduction work?

There are two ways that noise cancelling headsets work, ergo, noise cancellation comes in two distinct forms. The first, known as ‘passive’ noise reduction is actually pretty obvious. For a good demonstration, hold your hand flat (as if you were attempting to ‘karate chop’ something) and then place it over your nearest ear (but don’t hit yourself, of course). Notice the muffling? That is passive noise reduction. By this measure, anything that covers your ears or blocks sound from entering them is a form of passive noise reduction. By this token, then, all headphones and headsets are passive noise reducers. Continue reading

Why are Mario & Luigi known as the Mario Brothers?


If you’re within your 20’s, there is a good chance that Mario and Luigi games have been around in your entire life. There have seemingly always been Mario and Luigi games. There are some of us, I’m sure, who’d see it as a sign of the coming apocalypse. For the majority of us, less crazy, people, Mario and Luigi games mark the passing of the years, ageing to perfection sort of a fine wine.


Don’t expect to become a guru on Italian culture by playing Mario and Luigi games. In reality, when I had my first Italian training (aged around eleven) I did my best possible Mario impersonation when delivering my lines to the remainder of the class. To his eternal praise, my teacher never once chided me with the demand “do it again, and now be less of a berk!” Continue reading

Why would a person need a noise reducing headset?


We’ve all been there; you wake up one day to that steady, repetitive scream of a jackhammer scuttling the tarmac on the pavement, you cover your ears using the quilt , but alas, it is to no avail .


The noise gets louder as you move toward the window. You pull the curtains back and there, right in the middle of the road is a team of blokes in hardhats who’ve clearly been living on cold coffee and greasy food since about 4AM. There’s a barrier stopping anyone from going anywhere. Continue reading