Transferring photos taken on your camera to the amazon kindle fire hd with out a PC

The short answer is no, you possibly can’t. I’m sad, but that’s just the best way it is.

Though, all hope is not lost in spite of this dreadful news. There are a couple of main avenues you can still go down.

The very first is to easily email the photos to yourself and acquire them to your Kindle. This method works fine if you simply need several holiday snaps or pictures of your little nephew’s birthday or whatever, but its not much use for a large amount of photos. Continue reading

Is the Ebook reader good for the district libary

By and large, I’d say the impact of eReaders like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD are minimal in the beginning, but that it could develop into more fundamental in the future.

Over the short term, the increase of eReaders can potentially develop a library’s lending capacity a thousandfold.

If you’ll permit me to make use of an example from my own life, my girlfriend and I a short time ago talked about buying a pet tortoise. However, we did not want to go in ill-equipped, so we attended our local library in search of a book that would outline exactly what care a tortoise requires (and what it’d cost to provide said care). Sadly, the library didn’t have the book we wanted. We ordered it from a different branch, but 5 tortoise-free weeks afterward, we’re still waiting. Continue reading

Lighting The Touchpaper… The Kindle Fire Spreads Like…Um, A Popular eBook Reader?

By now you will have noticed that there are a great many Kindle Fire reviews online. You will probably also have noticed that the vast majority of these Kindle Fire reviews are positive, although there are, (as always), one or two negative points raised. You’ll have walked past the billboards, accidentally clicked on the adverts, or else seen Amazon’s new baby featured on the telly. Perhaps you’re even thinking of buying one and want to know a little bit more? Well, in any case, I hope this piece will help. Continue reading