What are the Advantages of the iPad Mini Above the iPad?

There are quite a few advantages the smaller apple ipad has over its larger siblings. I’ll list them here:


1)         It’s cheaper


The iPad Mini loses next to zilch in comparison using the iPad 4, but (Most probably) because of this slighter size and the lack of the Retina Display the smaller iPad is significantly less expensive. An iPad with Retina Display can be purchased from Apple’s online store for £399, but the iPad Mini is available from just £269. You are actually getting the identical quality product, and you’re getting it for a less expensive price.


2)         It is more portable


A pc tablet computer is actually a conveyable computer, so in that respect, the smaller you can make it, the better it is. Being smaller makes the apple ipad Mini easier to travel with, easier to pack right into a bag or suitcase and much easier to hide when walking down a busy street.


Rene Ritchie of ‘iMore.com’ says:


“I like Retina. I’ve joked that non-Retina pixels are like sandpaper on my pupils. But having used an iPad mini for a week now, I find myself far too immersed in what I’m doing to give a damn about the display. I used to carry a MacBook and an iPad with me everywhere I went. If I dumped the MacBook, I’d stick with the powerful, pixel-full iPad. But I still need the MacBook, so from now on I’ll be taking the portable iPad mini”.


3) It (also) features a lightning connector


The Lightning Charger looks like it is going to work as crucial to Apple’s future strategy. At least, they’re certainly putting numerous eggs in its basket. This new adapter will additional serve to separate Apple products from the rest of the industry, but, from the purely technological standpoint, it does make some sense, at least.


Jamie Lendino, from ‘PC Mag.com’ says of the Lightning Connector.


“It’s much smaller and oval shaped, and looks to be about the same size as a micro USB jack. It’s better suited to Apple’s ever-shrinking iDevices, as it just fits better, and it should prove easier to line up and plug in, and therefore more reliable than the fiddly 30-pin connector ever was (or USB plugs are, for that matter). It also works in either direction, so you don’t have to look to see which side is right side up anymore”.


Needless to say, a 10-Inch iPad 4 will come pre-loaded with Lightning um…Connection, but an older iPad will not. Advantage = Mini.


4)         Further extras


The iPad Mini also offers a couple of added features, little bits added to it just to sweeten the pot. My own favorite amongst these is a piece of software that rejects involuntary touches. I don’t know quite how it works, but I’m really glad it does. For a person who by and large finds touch screens irritating, this little doohickey is really a breath of fresh air.


Overall, the apple ipad Mini actually has an awful lot of benefits over the larger apple tablet, especially the older models. Apple diehards may baulk at it because Steve Jobs didn’t approve of the 7-Inch tablet, but everyone else seems reasonably pleased.