What exactly is the Finest Tablet for an Artiste?

Come on, by now you know very well what my answer to it will be. I presuppose, by now, that you simply know what You’ve got to, there is no way the following will come as any sort of shock at all. That is right, my answer is barely 2 words long:


‘An iPad’


Indeed, the Pc tablet I’m recommending is not a PC at all.


Artists usually are (but not solely) right brain dominant, this stems out of the idea that the greater ‘creative’ brain features are presided over by the right side of the mind, whereas ‘logistic’ tendencies are ruled by the left. If you’re left-brain dominant; expect to be good with statistics and pretty much organized. If you’re a right brainer, you’ll probably end up writing for the living at some point.


In distinctive right brain style (that is to say ‘a threatening letter written in monkey’s blood’) I will now make my case.


Speaking as an inventive person, a lifelong right brain user (I have even taken the test) I have a much harder time about to grips with Microsoft products than I do with Apple’s equivalents. I am On good terms with MS Word, but only after years of squabbling, but Adobe Photoshop’s secrets still escape me (and probably will continue to do so forever). Without exaggeration, the arrival of MAC OS into my life opened the world of computers to me .


I use my MAC to record demos of music I am engaged on, to draft detailed notes (which consist of sketches and ink paintings) for upcoming stories as well as to boost the colors of my paintings digitally. Without a MAC, I would not have a very good clue the best way to do these things.


Of course, most of the people don’t live their life in the perpetual state of embarrassment that characterizes mine, plenty of creative people use PCs well enough, but in my own view, MAC is better . Most imaginative people I do know prefer MACs, its almost all of them, in fact.


If you’re an artist and also you’re trying to find a device that can make notes, record ideas or store existing tasks, an iPad is really the only choice you are likely to be happy with in my opinion, but on the other hand, I’m evidently the sort of mind that would imply deploying trained pigs holding stink bombs as a wartime strategy.