What is the most effective USB gaming headset?

I have always been pretty shocking at video games. There are some I can play very well, but that’s about it. Hand-Eye co-ordination has in no way really been my thing. I never learned to experiment with the guitar, despite singing in tons of bands and writing literally hundreds of songs. So, because of this crippling handicap (which, I promise you isn’t just an excuse), I learned from an early age never to trash talk other gamers. No matter who I made fun of, they would always kick my ass. Always.


Nobody suffers from my specific brand of required humility, however. In reality, there are people out there who base their whole life around their extraordinary gaming skills and devote themselves, wholeheartedly, to the pursuit of improved skills, increased scores plus a cure for any fat ass full of bedsores. An PS3 Headset gives these guys the chance to trash talk each other (as well as promoting a curious form of gaming multiculturalism according to one-upmanship and mastery of crudeness in foreign languages).


Obviously, the other thing an Gaming Headset can grant you, assuming you aren’t a huge nerd, is a chance to speak with people all over the world. If nothing else, the one thing that you both have in common is you’re about to paste this noob on CoD. Never mind political strife, religious bigotry or cultural misunderstandings, you both wish to kill this guy…Perhaps the start of a gorgeous friendship.


My best bet, were I to purchase an PS3 Headset, will be to strike up discussion and distract my opponent with waffle about various various things, then kill them and slip away into the night, sort of a Ninja, or in the very least inadequate coward. You see, I could not use an xbox 360 headset for trash talk and I damn sure could not apply it to offer recommendation or co-ordinate any sort of group activity, but that’s the genius of the Gaming Headset, you need to use it for anything you are feeling like using it for.


As it’s developed by Microsoft, the Xbox 360 is positioned toward Internet gaming far more than any other console. With the Wii, you’re more more likely to have people over and play together, PS3 users don’t enjoy as fast or competent net connectivity as XBoxers do, therefore the Xbox 360 really is unbeaten within ths area. It stands to reason, then, the Xbox 360 would have the best communications peripherals available being made particularly for it. Also it does. It really does. Crisp, clean sounds (so you can really become familiar with all the vowel noises of those foreign insults) and near-instant relay time add up to a wonderful cross-cultural practice, albeit with a lot of cursing. It doesn’t do me much good though, as all I learn is how to brag and say “you’re sh*t!”  In every language on Earth.