What may be the top Touch tablet for the retail marketplace?

Allow me, if I could, to ask a matter in reply to the title: Is there a spot in our high street shops for pc tablets?

Blogger David Winefield generally believes so; his site ‘The Digital Gist’ which is all about ‘living in the junction end of media and technology’ (while for myself, I favor to commute) has a nice blog about this very topic. Within the piece, David states,

“While the iPad has been the overwhelming choice when it comes to in-store tablet deployments (see: Belly, Square, Nine West, Urban Outfitters), Android is beginning to step out of the shadows. Many startups and brands are beginning to see the value of Android tablets at retail – more economical, open platform, more device choices, etc.  I recently interacted with a Buzztime tablet at Buffalo Wild Wings that was Android-based. It was a great experience, at a fraction of the cost of deploying iPads. Ziosk is another example of a startup looking to deploy tableside tablets at scale. Guess what platform they went with?…Android”.

Because of that familiarity of Android mobile phones and other devices, including the improved developmental potential of the form, it seems fairly easy to predict that Android will probably grow to dominate in this market (perhaps with brand names licensing special apps that not only work in the shop, but also work like a mail-order catalogue). It isn’t even too far-fetched to picture AR content showing in-store when viewed via the pc tablets. All of those ideas would create shopper interest, I’m sure.

So, back to that question, if there is a place for pc tablets in our shops, what is the best Tablet pc to utilize in retail?

In reality, my answer would be an Android-based tablet fashioned by a startup discovered in Winefield’s article. The corporation, called Leaf, sell a tablet PC specially for purchasing. However, in addition they make an game that can be downloaded to added Android devices (and the iPhone).

Curiously, Leaf seems to be aiming its product at both companies and individuals, with two distinct informational routes showing on the product’s official website.  By building the existing product to as many persons as likely, Leaf are really opening up a large marketplace.

On the website, they assert, 

“Leaf enables you to efficiently collect payments and interact with customers. We solicit feedback from your customers and provide real-time analytics that make growing your business easy”.

An additional area where Android have the advantage is in price, since it costs a whole lot less to kit your buyers out with Android devices than it does to give them iPads.

Still imagine this complete tablet thing may be a chapter? Earlier this year, Will Kelly of Techrepublic.com talked regarding the use of tablet pc’s inside the retail setting. He supposed,

“Machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies enable device-to-device communications without the need for a PC to be in the middle. The retail industry is reaping the potential in M2M and tablets by replacing traditional cash registers with more economical (and mobile) tablets. Such moves are helping customer service by getting staff out from behind a stationary cash register and back on the sales floor. In the back office, M2M and tablets are changing the way that the retail industry conducts inventory and other back office activities to ensure retailers are keeping a competitive edge”.

Now if only they would develop them in Primark.