Why is 1366 x 768 resolution so popular

Like fireworks exploding across the night sky in a dizzying tempest of colour and sound, an LCD monitor is something to observe. So fantastically exact is a screen, that even your Facebook status will look like an Academy-award worthy epic. Even that ridiculously ornate opening line will read better from an monitor screen (We promise).


True, an screen won’t stop Youtube movies bu-bu-bu-buffering for bloody ages, however it can make everything else on your PC look beautiful.


At 1366 x 768 resolution and displaying as much as 16.7 million colours, an LCD monitor will change the best way you evaluate your computer. Forever.


One commentator reliably informs us that whilst his wife is hogging the TV he retreats upstairs and finds his monitor expecting him sort of a naughty bit on the side, eagerly eager to show him the very best time a monitor can (though, to be fair, he didn’t actually word it like that, we’re sexing it up a bit).


Consider the old DVD ad that had the man gormlessly staring at his monitor, powerless to utter anything except an overwrought “WOW!” at the joys of it all? You too could be rendered monosyllabic by wonders of modern science. (Mind you, that specific gentleman looked as if he’d be rendered monosyllabic by a baked potato.) With your new monitor, it’ll be a great deal like that. Not that we’re calling you gormless or anything.